Biochar Consulting (Canada) 


Biochar Consulting (Canada)

Partners and Other Organizations

Local Organizations:

- Biochar Ontario

Biochar Ontario aspires to be the lead promoter and facilitator for all aspects of research, application, and dissemination of information relating to biochar.


The mission of Biochar Ontario is to promote biochar as a vehicle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil fertility, and enhance food security by advocating research, development and commercialization of biochar.     

National Organizations:

- Canadian Biochar Initiative (CBI)

The Canadian Biochar Initiative promotes biochar as a sustainable vehicle to sequester carbon, improve soil fertility, and enhance food security by advancing the research, development, deployment, investment and commercialization of biochar in Canada.
The CBI was formed to help Canada become a world leader in all aspects of biochar including research, production processes, product and quality standards, end-product applications, and market acceptance.

International Organizations:

- International Biochar Initiative (IBI)

IBI supports biochar production and utilization systems that reduce net greenhouse (GHG) emissions on a full GHG lifecycle analysis, that do not contribute to direct or indirect land use change, and that are supported by indigenous peoples and stakeholders. IBI supports researchers, commercial entities, policy makers, development agents, farmers and gardeners, and others committed to sustainable biochar production and utilization systems that remove carbon from the atmosphere and enhance the earth’s soils. IBI advocates biochar as a strategy to improve the Earth's soils; help mitigate the anthropogenic greenhouse effect by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sequestering atmospheric carbon in a stable soil carbon pool; and improve water quality by retaining agrochemicals.
The IBI also promotes sustainable co-production of clean energy and other bio-based products as part of the biochar process; efficient biomass utilization in developing country agriculture; and cost-effective utilization of urban, agricultural, and forest co products.

Industry Partners:

Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI)

Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI) is a recognized leading bioremediation company that specializes in the use of rhizoremediation and phytoremediation techniques to clean up and mitigate the effects of environmental contamination of both land and water. PRSI provides government and private sectors with cost-effective turnkey real world green solutions to pollution challenges for the recapture of property values and ongoing revenue streams. PRSI's goal is to help assist communities and industry to solve their environmental challenges using PRSI Clean Green EnviroSolutions.

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Biochar Consulting (Canada)
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